Wednesday, April 8, 2009

McCarthy's "Witch Hunt"

Joseph McCarthy was a Republican senator from the state of Wisconsin. He began targeting suspected communists as a part of a reelection campaign, feeding off of people's fear of a nuclear war and evolving Communist regimes. He made these accusations without evidence, and even pointed a finger at government officials. Not many Republicans stood up to him because they believed the fear of Communism Americans had, would help them win back the presidency.

McCarthy's downfall came in 1954 when he called out the U.S. Army. His lack of evidence and abusive tactics came out into the open and cost him many supporters. As he lost power, the effects of McCarthyism remained due to fear of having loyalty questioned. Even unions were less active in fighting for their causes. Many Americans became more suspicious, and investigations were very common. All in all, the fear of Communism entering American society was a huge factor and drive in both national and international politics for many years to come.

Miyabi and Kristin (Period E)


  1. You should have a better intro sentence.

    The pictures really added to the story. Great job! The transition between sentences were really smooth, making it easier to read.

  2. This post is very effective, it explains well McCarthy's strategy.
    I think he acted in a very bad way, because in a period of crisis like the Cold War, people need to be supported, helped and not scared or driven to lose faith in the Government of the Army. At last, at the first good occasion, he was stopped.

  3. Yeah these pictures help a lot. People should be supported and to not lose faith in the government.

  4. Good article, you explain McCarthy's method's as well as his motivations.

  5. Great explanation and the pictures add character to your entry. Good job :]